Mary Lizabeth Tirony : Facts About Scott Brady's Wife

Mary Lizabeth Tirony was the wife of late Scott Brady. Mary Lizabeth Tirony’s husband Scott Brady was an American film and television actor who had an active career from 1948 till his death in 1985. He is widely remembered for his roles in western movies and his frequent television appearances. Most people also know him for his role in a 1959 to 1961 television series called Shotgun Slade.

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Mary Lizabeth Tirony was the only official wife that Scott had in his 60 years of living. The couple had a beautiful love life until Scott died in 1985 due to respiratory failure.

In this article, we have all the facts about Scott Brady’s wife and every other detail about their marriage. Keep reading to be informed!!

Mary Lizabeth Tirony Age, Birthplace, Nationality, Wikipedia

Scott Brady’s wife, Mary Lizabeth Tirony was born in 1929 and she died in 1993 at age 64. She was born in Michigan, United States. She was an American by nationality. She died in California.

Mary did not reveal much about her family and upbringing. She loved to live a low profile life, even when she got married to a celebrity.

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Information on her education, career and other personal details were never made known to the public.

Her rise to fame is mainly due to her marriage to Scott Brady, making her one of the individuals whose marriage made them famous.

Mary Lizabeth Tirony and Scott Brady

Most celebrities do not have great love life stories, but the case was different for Scott Brady. He married the life of his life and they lived together till his death.

Mary Lizabeth Tirony and Scott Brady got married in 1967, after dating for a while. Though we would have loved to know how their love story started, none of the late couple ever revealed the beginning of their love story.

To make their wedding ceremony a memorable one, the couple set their date to Christmas Day of 1967. They had a very colorful wedding ceremony in the presence of their family and loved ones present. Mary was 38 years old at the time of their marriage, whiles Scott was 43 years old.

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Scott Brady and his wife, Mary Lizabeth were together from 1967 to 1985, when the later died of respiratory issues.

The couple had two children together, Terence Tierney and Maria Tierney. Much has not been heard of the children after the demise of their parents.

We researched on information regarding any known previous relationship of Mary and Scott before their marriage, but nothing was found. It could have happened that both or one might have had a relationship before they met, but that information was not made available.

Mary Lizabeth Tirony Husband

Scott Brady is the brother of Lawrence Tierney. He was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1924. Scott and his brother Lawrence, were the children of the then New York police.

He attended St. Michael High School, where he was an excellent basketball and football player. He was also good in the track events. He had wanted to be either a football coach or an announcer, but ended up as an actor just like his brother Lawrence.

Mary Lizabeth Tirony Husband, Scott Brady enlisted in the Army after high school. It was after his discharge from the army that he started his acting career.

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He joined his brother Lawrence in New York after his discharge to enroll at the Bliss Drama School, where he studied acting. At that time, his brother was making it in his acting career.

Scott made his debut in acting with the movie, The Counterfeiters, in 1948. After that, he had numerous roles in the following movies ; Canon City (1948) as Jim Sherbondy, In This Corner (1948) as Jimmy Weston, He Walked By Night (1948) as Police Sgt. Marty Brennan, The Gal Who Took The West (1949) as Lee O’Hara, Port Of New York (1949) as Mickey Waters, Undertow (1949) as Tony Reagan, Kansas Raiders (1950) as Bill Anderson, The Model And The Marriage Broker (1951) as Matt Hornbeck, Bronco Buster (1952) as Bart Eaton, etc.

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