Bettye Witt : Facts About Ricky Van Shelton's Wife

Bettye Witt is the wife of Ricky Shelton. Bettye Witt husband, Ricky Shelton is a former American country music artist, whose career was active from 1986 to 2006. In the course of his active career, he charted over 10 songs on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. He released nine studio albums, with which four were certified platinum in the United States of America.

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An album or a song is certified platinum when it ships 1,000,000 copies. This certification is done by Recording Association Industry of America, in the United States. Other countries also have their certification criteria.

Ricky Van Shelton wife, Bettye Witt is in the limelight for her marriage to the country music legend. Before her marriage to Ricky, she lived a low profile life away from the media.

In this article, we have put together all the facts and information about Bettye. We also have all the details on her marriage to Ricky. Keep reading to be informed!!

Bettye Witt and Ricky Van Shelton

The lovers have been married for more 36 year now. They were high school lovers, who started dating for sometime before they eventually got married. They started dating in 1979 and got married in August 1986.

Bettye Witt and Ricky Van Shelton’s marriage has produced no children yet. The reason for no children is unknown to the public.

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Bettye was a very instrumental part of Ricky’s success in his career. She was the one whose suggestion made Ricky record the song ”From A Jack to A King”. The suggestion came when Ricky was looking for a song to add to his sophomore album with Columbia Records. The song was one of the song he used to perform at most of his early shows and was Bettye’s favorite song.

The song became of Ricky’s biggest hits in his entire career.

Ricky was not even keen on taking country music as his fulltime career, until he took a leap of faith to accompany Bettye Witt to take a job in Nashville. It was in Nashville that he made the decision to become a fulltime country music artist.

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There is no information on any previous relationships of any of the couple. Bettye and Ricky’s long standing marriage may be a delight to watch, but they have gone through some turmoil to keep it standing.

At a time, the legendary country music singer, started to cheat and this issue of infidelity led to their separation for a while. After deliberate heart to heart talks, they came back together and their love has grew stronger and stronger.

In 2006, Ricky Van Shelton retired from active musical career, so he could spend much time with his family. He seem to cherish his family over any other thing.

Bettye Witt husband

Ricky Van Shelton was born in Danville, Virginia in the United States of America. He is 72 years old in 2022. He is the youngest sibling amongst his parents’ five children. His parents are Jenks and Eloise Shelton. His brothers are Ronnie Shelton and Don Shelton, and his sisters are Judy Shelton Underwood and Cacky Shelton Guill.

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Bettye Witt husband is known mainly as a country music artist, but he was also into occasional acting and writing of books.

Some of his album credits include Wild-Eyed Dreams, Loving Proof, RVS III, Backroads, Dont Overlook Salvation, A Bridge I Didn’t Burn, Making Plans, Fried Green Tomatoes, Love and Honor, etc.

He also featured in some television shows like Maverick, Honeymoon In Vegas and Next of Kin.

As a writer, he also wrote books like Quaker Meets Canadian Goose, Quaker Meets His Dad The Squirrel, Tales from a duck called Quaker, etc. Most of his books were made for children.

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