Hallie Litman : Facts About Paul Peterson's Ex-wife

Hallie Litman is one of the individuals, whose marriage brought them to the limelight. Hallie Litman is one of the ex-wives of Paul Peterson, an American actor, singer, novelist and activist. Paul first became well-known for his role as Jeff Stone on The Donna Reed Show, after which he transitioned as an actor to a singer in the 1960s.

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Hallie Litman’s ex-husband, Paul Peterson has married thrice in his lifetime. He married his first wife in 1967 and divorced her in 1970. It was after this divorce that he fell in love and later got married to Hallie in 1974, in a marriage which lasted for 14 years. He is currently married to his third wife, Rana Jo Platz, a woman he married in 1992.

Hallie Litman and Paul Peterson

Hallie Litman and Paul Peterson were married from 1974 to 1988. They were together for over 14 years and had two children together in that union. They first dated for a year in 1973, before they finally got married in 1974.

They were together until they decided to go their separate ways in 1988. The reason for their divorce still remains unknow, as none of the two former lovers has disclosed the reason on any media platform.

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Their marriage was Paul’s second marriage. He had been married and divorced once before he married Hallie. Paul first married Brenda Benet in 1967 and after three years, they divorced due to unknown reasons. They had no children together. ”In Hollywood, people make a great pretense at understanding the human condition. Particularly people on the soap operas. And they themselves are so poisoned by false values that they cannot, even with a co-worker, see the pain and [loneliness] and suffering”, he said this after his ex-wife Brenda committed suicide in 1982.

Hallie on the other hand has no known relationship before her marriage to Paul Peterson. She might have been in a relationship, but we have no facts to prove it.

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After Hallie and Paul divorced, the latter went ahead to try his luck in marriage. He married his third wife, Rana Jo Platz in December 1992. The couple have been together since that time till now. They have no biological children together. Rana came into the marriage with her daughter, and she has been adopted by Paul. It is alleged that he has another daughter from a brief affair.

Hallie Litman went out of the limelight after her marriage to Paul failed. There has been no information on her whereabout. She is probably single now.

Hallie Litman ex-husband

Hallie Liman ex-husband was born September 23, 1945 and is 76 years old in 2022. He started his acting career at age 10, playing the role of a Mouseketeer on the Mickey Mouse Club. He was fired from the show for bad behavior, including punching the casting director in the stomach for calling him ”mouse” many times on set.

He has been through what most child actors go through, but he survived. Most child actors are written off when the tide in Hollywood changes and they are not needed. This nightmare happened to child actors like Anissa Jones, Rusty Hamer and Dana Plato who could not adjust to the changes in Hollywood and had to fall off.

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Paul has been able to blend his back in the day experience with the new age movie trends to be relevant. He has been able to make a positive impact in Hollywood.

He later left acting to attend university, where he graduated with degrees in English and History. He took that step after his career crashed. Paul now writes novels and run his limousine services.

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