Laura Cwikowski : Facts About Johnny Bench Ex-wife

Laura Cwikowski was once the wife of Johnny Bench. Laura Cwikowski’s ex-husband Johnny Bench was an American professional baseball player, who played his whole career as a catcher for Cincinnati Reds in the Major League Baseball. He was the one who led the Reds team which dominated the MLB in the mid -1970s.

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Johnny who is regarded as the best catcher of all time, has been married four times in his entire life. Before he met and married his first wife, Vickie Chesser, he was hailed ” Baseball’s most eligible bachelor”. Laura is his second wife, and he married her after his first marriage failed in just 13 months.

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Now let me take you through a journey of exploring more on who Laura Cwikowski is, and also talk about her marriage to Johnny. Stay back, relax and enjoy the ride!! We have everything you need to know for you.

Lauren Cwikowski : Bio Summary

Full NameLauren Cwikowski
Famous asEx-wife of Johnny Bench
Age58 years
Date of BirthSeptember 1963
Place of Birth Canada
Zodiac signUnknown
Children Bobby Bench
HusbandJohnny Bench

Laura Cwikowski Age, Birthplace, Nationality, Wikipedia

Laura Cwikowski was born in September 1963 and is 58 years old in 2022. She was born in her home country Canada, exact place unknown. Her nationality is Canadian by birth and also hold an American citizenship. She is the daughter of William Benton. Her zodiac sign cannot be confirmed since her exact date of birth is unknown. Her ethnicity is white.

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She is also known as Laura Homan. Her name changed to Laura Bench, when she got married to Johnny Bench. She later changed it to her original name after their divorce and might be currently be carrying her husband’s surname if she is married again.

Laura has not disclosed any information on her childhood or upbringing. She has also not revealed anything about her educational background and other personal information. It has been revealed that she attended a high school called Dayton in North Dakota. She later attended University of Oklahoma.

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In terms of career, we know her to be a former model and a writer. Other sources claim Laura is also an aerobics trainer. She began her modeling career after graduating from the university. She modeled in Paris as well. After she quit her modeling career, she started writing.

Her claim to fame is her marriage to Johnny Bench.

Laura Cwikowski and Johnny Bench

Laura Cwikowski and her ex-husband Johnny Bench were dating long before they got married. They officially got married on December 19, 1987. In case you are wondering how the two met, brace yourself and grab a popcorn because I have the full gist.

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The two former lovers first met at a golf tournament in Oklahoma City, where they got familiar with each other. From there, they had lots of dates and meeting ups which ended in the two of them dating in 1978. After years of dating the couple finally tied the knot in December 1987.

Laura Cwikowski and Johnny Bench got married in a private ceremony, in the presence of few family members and friends. Even before their marriage, their relationship had already attracted the attention of the media. They were seen together in public during the time of dating.

The private wedding took place in the house of Bench’s legal advisor, Reuven Katz. The ceremony was led by the major of Cincinnati at that time, Charles Luken.

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The couple had son together called Bobby Binger Bench, who they both share custody even after divorce.

Their once beautiful marriage ended in 1995, after they got separated for a while. According to some sources, the reason for the divorce was due to Bench’s chronic cheating characters. The allegation cannot be taken serious because none of the two has come out to confirm it.

After the divorce, the all time best best catcher went on to marry again for the third time to Elizabeth Benton. The marriage took place in 1997 and collapsed in 2000, after claims of infidelity from Bench.

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Johnny Bench went ahead to marry again in 2004 to the daughter of renowned golfer, Hugh Baiocchi called Lauren Baiocchi. The couple had two sons together, who are in the full custody of Bench after their divorce in 2017.

Laura Cwikowski on the other hand has been off the media radar since the divorce. There is no information on whether she got married again or not.

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