Jaynet Foreman : Facts About Ted Dibiase Ex-wife

Jaynet Foreman is one of the ex-wives of Ted Dibiase. Jaynet Foreman’s ex-husband Ted Dibiase is an American retired professional wrestler, ordained minister and color commentator. He has achieved a lot of successes in a number of wrestling promotions and also holding thirty titles during the time of his professional wrestling career. He is also known as one the greatest technical wrestlers and villians in professional wrestling.

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Jaynet Foreman ex-husband Ted, has been married twice in his entire life and she, Jaynet was the first of his two wives. Ted is currently married to a woman called Melanie Dibiase, and the two have been married for over 42 years now.

Jaynet Foreman and Ted Dibiase

Jaynet and Ted’s were married from 1973 to 1980. There is no information on how the two ex-lovers met. Their short-lived relationship lasted for 7 years. The couple had a child together

The marriage happened at a time it was a cool thing for women to meet and sleep with wrestlers after shows. This is one of the main reasons why the marriage did not lasted. On many occasions, Ted Dibiase admitted that, he had cheated on Jaynet many times during the time of marriage.

Though they had children together, it was not a strong reason to save their marriage. The marriage actually came to an end when Jaynet Foreman found out that other women were spending her husband’s money.

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Though Ted Dibiase may have had a very beautiful career and even become a WWE Hall of Famer, he has some blemishes in his career. Sleeping with other women after shows to cheating on his wife, were all some of the dent on his name.

Exactly a year after their divorce, the Million Dollar Man, Ted got married for the second time to Melanie Dibiase. It seem even before the divorce, many other women were already buzzing around Ted. This second marriage of the wrestler seem to have been a very successful one, the two have been together for over 40 years now and still together.

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Jaynet Foreman on the other hand went out of the public eye after the divorce. Nothing has been heard of her, whether she got married again or is still single. If we get any information on her marital life, this article will be updated.

Ted has three children, Ted Dibiase Jr., Mike Dibiase and Brett Dibiase. All his children also took after him, they are all professional wrestlers.

Jaynet Foreman ex husband

Ted Dibiase is the ex-husband of Jaynet. Ted, whose birth name is Theodore Marvin DiBiase, was born January 18, 1954 in Florida, United States . He is 68 years old in 2022. He is the biological son of former professional wrestler Helen Nervins and an entertainer called Ted Wills. He got his surname ”Dibiase” because he is the adopted son of wrestler, ”Iron” Mike Dibiase.

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”Iron” Mike Dibiase died in the ring of a heart attack when Ted was only fifteen years old. After the incidence, his mother become an alcoholic so Ted had to go and stay with his grandparents in Arizona, where he had his most of his childhood.

Ted had his high school education at Creighton Preparatory. He later proceeded to study in West Texas State University with a football scholarship. Due to an injury, he dropped out of college to pursue his wrestling career.

At the beginning of his wrestling career, he was a coach then later turn a professional wrestler. In his career as a pro wrestler, he worked briefly with WWF, competed in the National Wrestling Alliance, the Universal Wrestling Federation, All Japan Pro Wrestling and finally the WWF, where he got his name ”The Million Dollar Man”.

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Jaynet Foreman’s ex-husband is also an ordained minister and the founder of a Christian organization called The Heart of David ministry. He pastors the church with his current wife, Melanie. He also travel all around the world preaching and ministering at Christian events.

He is also an author and have written books like  Every Man Has His Price, Penholder, and The Million Dollar Man.

During his career as a wrestler, he won many awards and recognition. He is also a WWE Hall of Famer. In 2022, he is estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 million.

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