Guy Hector : Facts About Brenda Vaccaro's Husband
Hector and his wife Brenda at a public event

Guy Hector is the husband of Brenda Vaccaro. Guy Hector’s wife Brenda Vaccaro is an American stage, television and film actress with a career spanning over half a century. In her years of acting, she has received one Academy Award nomination, one Golden Globe award and one Primetime Emmy Award.

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Brenda Vaccaro husband, Guy Hector is the fourth man Brenda has married. The legendary actress first got married to Martin Fried in 1965. After their divorce in 1970, she later got married again to William Bishop in 1977. This second married did not last, as it ended in divorce after just a year.

Three years after Brenda divorced his second husband, she remarried the third time to a man called Charles Cannizzaro. This third marriage did not also stand the test of time, as it ended in a divorce after one year. Reason for the continuous collapse of the actress’ marriages has never been disclosed.

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It after the collapse of Brenda’s third marriage that she got married to Hector, her fourth and current husband, in 1986.

In this article, we have all the facts about Guy Hector, his personal details and marriage of Brenda Vaccaro husband. Keep reading to be informed!!

Guy Hector Age, Birthplace, Nationality, Wikipedia

Guy Hector was born and raised in Normandy, a town in France. Details regarding his exact date of birth is unknown, therefore his age is also unavailable. He nationality is French. His mother is of French nationality and his father is a Sicilian.

Guy Hector Age, Birthplace, Nationality, Wikipedia
Guy Hector

There is no information on Hector’s educational background. However, he is known to have moved from his from his birthplace, Normandy to Paris, where he pursued a career in modeling. His modeling career was successful and this took him to many other countries and places like London, Rome, Athens and other cities of Europe.

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During most of Guy Hector’s travels, he made time to explore museums, galleries and historic buildings of Europe. This art exploration led him to develop the passion for arts and photography. He then decided to build a career around it, by curating shows and introduce artists to America.

Over the past years, Hector has been able to curate shows in Los Angeles. He presently represent artists on his website,

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Aside his job as a curator, he is also a real estate realtor. He specializes in buying and selling real estate in Southern California. He developed a passion for real estate after becoming acquainted with the luxury housing market in the greater Los Angeles area.

Guy Hector and Brenda Vaccaro

After all of Brenda Vaccaro’s first three marriages failed, she decided to give love a chance again. She got married to Hector in 1986. This happened four years after her marriage with Charles Cannizzaro failed in 1982.

They got married February 2, 1986 in a small wedding with few friends and loved ones. The couple have been together for over 30 years now in 2022. Their union has not resulted in the birth of any children.

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Before they got together, Brenda had been divorced thrice, but Hector on the other hand has not disclosed any information on his former relationships.

It is the Guy Hector’s marriage to Brenda that brought him into the limelight and he joins the league of individuals whose marriage has made them famous.

Guy Hector Wife

Brenda Vaccaro is the wife of Guy Hector. Brenda is one of the most celebrated actresses, with a long spanning career of over 50 years with many movies and television production to her credit.

She was born November 18, 1939 and is years old in 2022. Brenda started her career in 1961 and has been active till date.

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Some of her movie credits include Naked City (1961), The Fugitive (1963), Streets of San Francisco (1974), A Long Way Home (1981), Touched By An Angel (1996), You Don’t Know Jack ( 2010), etc.

Brenda has had many nominations and awards in her nearly 60 years career.

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