Barbara Joyce Rupard is the wife of Roy Clark. Barbara Joyce Rupard’s husband Roy Clark was an American singer and musician. Though he was a musician and a singer, he is widely known for hosting a variety show on TV called Hee Haw from 1969 to 1997. He was also a very important person in the country music genre as a singer and also as someone who helped to make the genre popular.

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Barbara Joyce Rupard was the second wife of Roy Clark. Roy first got married when he was 17 years old, when he was a banjo, mandolin and guitar prodigy. Since the marriage did not work, she married Barbara later in his life when his career was about to start.

In this article, we have all the facts you need to know about Barbara Joyce Rupard. We have details on her personal life, her marriage to Roy Clark and other details, keep reading to be informed!!

Barbara Joyce Rupard Age, Birthplace, Nationality, Wikipedia

Barbara Joyce Rupard, Roy Clark wife, was born born in 1934 in Washington in District of Columbia, United States of America. She is 88 years old in 2022 (If only she is still alive). She is the daughter of Roy Rupard and Cora Rupard, natives of Bladensburg, Maryland. She is an American by nationality. Her race/ethnicity is white.

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She grew up in Bladensburg, Maryland with her parents and brother Roy D. Rupard. Much is not known about her childhood and upbringing.

There is no details on her educational background. We have no information on what high school or university she attended. She lived a low profile life before her marriage to Roy, hence much of her personal information is not available on the internet.

Barbara is one of the people whose marriage to celebrities brought them into the limelight. She is known mostly as Roy Clark wife.

Barbara Joyce Rupard and Roy Clark

In an interview with PBS in 2016, Roy Clark said he met his wife Barbara Joyce Rupard at a time when he tried music for the second time, after his first try failed.

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The couple got married in 1957, when they were both in their twenties. According to Roy, they stayed in cheap hotels after marriage, because his career had not taken off yet. Before they got married, Roy had already being married once and it was not successful.

Barbara Joyce Rupard and Roy Clark
Roy Clark

Barbara Joyce Rupard and Roy Clark were married for over 61 years. They were together till Roy died of pneumonia complications in November 2018. Before his death, he and the whole family were living together in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Their long time marriage resulted in the birth of five children. The children are Michael Meyer, Terry Lee Meyer, Susan Mosier, Diane Stewart and Roy Clarke II.

Facts About Roy Clark Wife, Barbara Joyce Rupard

  • Barbara nearly died of atopic pregnancy

In an article Roy Clark wrote in 2014, he wrote that one time, when driving with pregnant Barbara, she complained of pains which has persisted for weeks. He wrote that, his wife thought she could not go on again, but he drove around until he found a hospital nearby. It was at the hospital that the medical officer revealed that Barbara had suffered an atopic pregnancy. She later recovered from the incident and credited her faith for her recovery.

  • Roy credits Barbara for all his career successes

Roy Clark in most of his interviews, credit his success as a musician to his wife Barbara Joyce Rupard. In one tribute written by Roy, he wrote ” In a profession where success is often at the expense of family, Roy Clark has been married to his loving and supportive wife, Barbara, for nearly 60 years.”

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In an interview with Toledo Blade, he said ”She is as much responsible for this than anyone else. In 1960, it was just her and I on the road. She’d drive to one engagement and I’d sleep. Then I’d do my thing while she would sleep. We were on the road for 347 days that first year… My wife teases me because when I come back from a long trip, I have this guitar next to this chair I relax in and I’ll grab it and start to strum it. She’ll say ‘Don’t you ever get tired?’ And I’ll say, ‘No, I never get tired of music.’”

  • Barbara was Roy Clark second wife

Roy Clark wife, Barbara Joyce Rupard was his second wife. At age 17, he married his first wife ( her name was never disclosed by Roy). It was after he divorced his first wife that he married Barbara, with whom they had five children and stayed together for over 61 years as wife and husband.

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