Nicole Deputron : Facts About Peter Horton's Wife
Nicole and Peter

Nicole Deputron is the wife of Peter Horton. Nicole Deputron’s husband Peter Horton is an actor and director from the United States of America. He is the one who played the role of Professor Gary Shepherd in the television series, Thirtysomething. The show was popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. As a director, Horton is also the executive producer and director of top-rated television show, Grey’s Anatomy.

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Peter Horton wife, Nicole is also very popular for being a model and a former sport journalist. She was active as a sport journalist until she gave birth. After her childbirth, she has decided to dedicate her life in taking good care of her children and family.

In this article, we have all the facts and details you need to know about Nicole. Keep reading to be informed!

Nicole Deputron Age, Birthplace, Nationality, Wikipedia

Nicole Deputron was born September 19,1971 and she is 49 years old in 2022. She was born in Montreal, Canada in North America. She is an American by nationality. Her zodiac sign is the Virgo.

She has an average stature and weight. She stands an estimated height of 5 feet, 6 inches, which is approximately.

Nicole Deputron
Nicole Deputron

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Details concerning her parents are unknown. She is known to be the sister Egil ”Bud” Krogh Jr, a lawyer who played part in the Watergate Scandal during President Nixon administration and leaked White House information to the media.

Nicole attended the prestigious University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and graduated with a degree in Journalism. After university, she worked as a sports journalist and also as a part time model.

Nicole Deputron and Peter Horton

Nicole Deputron is currently married to actor and director Peter Horton, but she is not his first wife.

Peter was first married to an actress called Michelle Pfeiffer from 1981 to 1988. The two met when they were both attending the legendary Milton Katselas acting classes. The reason for their divorce was the fault of Peter, whose work as an actor and director did not allow him to have enough time for his wife. They divorced amicably. The couple did not have any children together.

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There is no information available that discloses that Nicole had any other relationships before she met her husband, Peter.

Nicole Deputron and Peter Horton met in 1995, seven years after Peter divorced his first wife Michelle. They got married that same year and are still together. They have been married for 27 years now.

The couple have two children together. Nicole Deputron and Peter Horton live currently in Los Angeles, California with their two children.

Nicole Deputron Husband

Peter Horton is the husband of Nicole Deputron. Peter was born August 20, 1953 and he is 68 years old now in 2022. He was born in Bellevue, Washington D.C. He is an American by nationality.

As an actor, director and producer, he is known for New Amsterdam, Odyssey, Greys Anatomy, etc. He has been active in his career from 1964 till date.

Peter Horton and his daughters, Lily and Ruby.
Peter Horton and his daughters, Lily and Ruby.

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He attended University of California, Santa Barbara and holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in music composition.

Peter Horton has an estimated net worth of $ 3 million in 2022.

Nicole Deputron Children

Nicole Deputron and her husband Peter in their 27 years of marriage have given birth to two daughters. The daughters are Lily Horton and Ruby Horton.

Lily Horton is the eldest of the two daughter and she was born October 1999. She is 23 years old in 2022. Ruby who is the youngest, was born in 2002 and is 20 years old in 2022. After the birth of the girls, Nicole retired from here career to take full care of her daughters.

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Lily graduated high school in 2008 and is now a student of University of Michigan.

Ruby on the other hand, is almost done with high school. Even as a high school student, she is helping in generating funds and help for people with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

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