Carolina Van Wielink is the ex-wife of Pablo Montero. Carolina Van Wielink’s ex-husband, Pablo Montero, whose full name is Óscar Daniel Hernández Rodríguez, is a singer and actor from Mexico. He is unknown widely by telenovela lovers, as one of the best supporting actors in telenovela. He is also known for his use of ”charro” hats and black cloths during his musical concerts.

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Carolina Van Wielink was the first wife of the Mexican actor and musician, Pablo Montero. She was a low-key homemaker in Mexico before her marriage to Pablo. She rose to be known in the public domain for her marriage to the telenovela star.

In this article, we have put together all that you need to know about Carolina. Her biografia, her age, her family, career and every other thing we got hold of about her. Keep reading this article to be informed!!!

Carolina Van Wielink Age, Nationality, Biografia, Wikipedia.

Carolina Van Wielink was born in 1989 and she is 33 years old in 2022. Her exact date of birth is unknown, but we know she was born in Mexico and is a Mexican nationality. She is 19 years younger than her ex-husband, Pablo Montero who is 47 years old in 2022.

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Nothing is know about Pablo Montero ex-wife Carolina Van Wielink’s family. She has not disclosed any information about who her parents are, or any information on their whereabout. There is no information on her upbringing or childhood on the internet. She seem to be a private person and has been able to keep her private life away from the public.

Carolina is known to be a homemaker in Mexico. Nothing is known about her educational background ; her basic education, high school or university education.

How did Carolina Van Wielink and Pablo Montero meet?

The former lovers first met in 2011, but unfortunately the circumstance under which they met is unknown. After dating for few months after meeting, they finally got married in that same year August 27, 2011.

Pablo Montero and Carolina Van Wielink wedding took place at Mayan Riviera, in the state of Quintana Roo. The ceremony was performed in the presence of the family and friends of the couple. At the time of the marriage ceremony, Carolina was pregnant with former couple’s first baby.

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The marriage resulted in the former couple having two children together. The children are Carolina Hernandez Van Wielink, who was born February 27, 2012 and Daniela Hernandez Van Wielink, who was also born May 24, 2014.

Aside the children Pablo had with his ex-wife Carolina, he had other children with other different women. He has a son with an Argentine model called Sandra Vidal called Pablo. He also has another son with a Costa Rican woman called Raquel Piedra. The son is called Danielle and his paternity to Pablo Montero was confirmed through a DNA test in 2011.

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The marriage between Pablo Montero and Carolina Van Wielink lasted from August 27, 2011 to 2016, a five years period. The couple divorced in an amicable way. During their marriage, there were a lot of unfaithfulness charges against Pablo and that might have caused their separation.

After their divorce, Pablo has not been officially been married again, but he has been in a lot of relationships with other women.

Facts about Carolina Van Wielink and Pablo Montero divorce

  • Pablo Montero cheated on the night of their wedding

On the night of the former couple’s wedding, Pablo was accused of cheating on his ex-wife Carolina Van Wielink. According to many online publications, since Carolina was pregnant at the time of marriage she needed her husband but could nit find him. She later saw him making out with another woman in another room in the place they were lodging.

Pablo Montero later came out to deny this allegation. His ex-wife also did not disclose any details concerning the matter

  • Pablo Montero was seen with a fan in his dressing room

During the time of the marriage between the former two lovers, Carolina Van Wielink found in fan in the dressing room of his ex-husband. This led to a separation between the couple for a while. In a tweet, Carolina said she wanted Pablo to live his life the way he wanted without any commitment to her and their two children.

  • Pablo filed for the divorce between himself and Carolina Van Wielink

With all the issues going on in their marriage, Pablo Montero filed for a divorce from his ex-wife Carolina. He said they talked about the divorce amicably and they both agreed to divorce.

Carolina Van Wielink Photos

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Carolina and her children watching one of Pablo’s concert
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Carolina with her ex-husband and their children
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Carolina and her ex-husband Pablo Montero

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