Kelley Patricia O'Neil : Everything About Jason Hervey's 1st Wife

Kelley Patricia O’Neil is the ex-wife of Jason Hervey. Kelley Patricia O’Neil ex-husband Jason is an American actor, television producer and a public relations officer. He is popular for the role he played in movie called The Wonder Years, in which he played the role of Wayne Arnold. His father was a talent officer and this might have inspired his decision to venture into acting and television production. He has been active in his career from 1979 till present day.

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Kelley Patricia O’Neil is popular for her marriage to her ex-husband, Jason Hervey. Kelley was Jason’s first wife before the later went to marry his current wife, Shannon Hervey.

In this article, we have out together everything you need to know about Kelley Patricia O’Neil. Where was she born? Who are her parents? What is her zodiac sign?

For answers to the above questions and even much more, keep reading this article to the end!!

Kelley Patricia O’Neil Age, Birthplace, Wikipedia

Kelley Patricia seem to be a very private personality and has been able to keep all her personal information from the internet. There is nothing about her age, birthplace, family or anything personal online. Her zodiac sign is unknown.

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She is an American by nationality. She was not popular till she married Jason Hervey. After their divorce, she seen to have gone back to her private life and hence lack of information on her on the internet.

There is also no information on her child or children, since she did not have any child with her ex-husband Jason Hervey.

How did Kelley Patricia O’Neil and Jason Hervey meet?

The marriage between Kelley Patricia O’Neil and Jason Hervey did not last for long and hence there is little to no information on their union. Details on how they met and how their relationship started is unknown on the internet.

Kelley and Jason got married in 1994 and exactly a year, they divorced on November 13, 1995. Reasons for their divorce still remain unknown. Their union did not result in the birth of any child.

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After the divorce, nothing has been heard about Kelly Patricia O’Neil. We do not know whether she remarried or is still single.

Jason on the other hand after the divorce went ahead to marry a second wife called Shannon Hervey. The couple have 4 children together; 2 children they had together and 2 children Shannon brought into the marriage. They have been married for over 24 years now and still together.

Kelley Patricia O’Neil Ex-husband

Jason Hervey is the ex-husband of Kelley Patricia O’Neil. Jason Hervey was born in Los Angeles on April 6,1972 and he is 50 years old now in 2022. He is the son of a talent manager called Marsha and a retail sales manager called Alan Hervey.

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Jason started his career with his role in the movie called The Wonder Years. Since his first movie, he has featured in over 100 movies.

Some of his movies include For Goodness Sake, A Day with Officer Pete, You, Me and The Christmas Trees, Take Me Home Again, Posse: Young Guns of the PBR, Bear Swamp Recovery and many other movies in which he either played a role or produced.

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Aside his career as an actor, he is also into public relations and game development. He worked with the HealthSouth Corporation as the Senior Vice President of Media and Communications in Alabama.

He also formed an online gaming company called MX digital along with his partners,  Eric Bischoff and Ike McFadden in 2013.

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