Patti Carnel : Facts About Bobby Sherman's Ex-Wife

Patti Carnel is the ex-wife of Bobby Sherman. Patti Carnel’s ex-husband Bobby Sherman, whose real name was Robert Cabot Sherman Jr, is an American singer and actor. He occasionally write songs and was a teen music idol in the early 1960s and late 1970s. Throughout his musical career he had a lot of hit songs, which includes Little Woman, a song that sold over a million records all around the world.

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Carnel is well-known for being the first wife of Bobby Sherman.

In this article, you will know everything about Patti Carnel ; her birthplace, age, parents and her bio data. You will also get to know about her marriage to her ex-husband Bobby and any other of her romantic life.

Keep reading and be informed about everything about her!!

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Patti Carnel Age, Birthplace, Wikipedia

Patti Carnel was born in 1952 but the exact date is unknown. She was born in the United States of America with the exact place also unknown. She is of the American nationality. Her ethnicity is white.

There is no information on her parents or any family members online. The only thing we know is that, her father gave her a gold ring on her 13th birthday. She used to wear that ring in addition to the a ring that Bobby gifted her on one of her birthdays.

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Carnel attended San Fernando Valley Junior College, where she took numerous courses but majored in Interior Decorations. She also did a course in Psychology. She also studied modern dancing and ballet for six years. In her free periods, Patti loves to try her hands on gourmet cooking.

She is very ambitious and sometimes mistaken for a photographers’ model.

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How did Patti Carnel and Bobby Sherman meet?

Wondering how they met? Well, it was Patti’s best friend called Diane who told her about Bobby Sherman. The teen idol at that time used to live in the same apartment building as Patti and her friend.

Diane kept telling Patti that they shared the same apartment building as Sherman, but though Sherman was very popular at that time Patti mistook him for Jimmy O’Neil, the then host of a show called Shindig.

Patti first met Bobby when she and her friend went to ask him for help to use his phone. This was an idea the two friends came up with to get to meet the former musician and teen idol.

After that first meeting, Bobby invited them to his apartment the next day. It was after the second meeting that, they started going on dates and seeing each other.

They dated for a year after and finally got married on October 12, 1971. They were married for 8 years and divorced in 1979. Reasons for the divorce still remains unknown.

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Patti Carnel and Bobby Sherman had two sons together, Christopher Sherman and Tyler Sherman.

After their divorce, Bobby got married the second time to Brigitte Sherman in 2011. Patti on the other hand also married again to David Soul in 1980, but this marriage also collapsed in 1986.

Patti Carnel and David Soul

Patti Carnel got married to David Soul, an American actor after her divorce with teen idol Bobby Sherman. Patti and David were married for 5 years until they finally divorced in 1986.

There are no details on how they met, but we know they first dated from 1979 to October 1980. On October 12, 1980, they finally tied the knot.

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David Soul, Patti Carnel second husband, is a British-American actor and singer. He was born August, 28, 1943 in Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America. He is an American by nationality. He also has Norwegian descent. He started his acting career in mid 1960s and has been active till date 2022.

He is known for movies like Johnny and His Gun, Magnum Force, The Stick Up, The Key To Rebecca, Appointment With Death, Prime Target, Grave Secrets and other highly rated movies.

David Soul has been married for five times and all ended in a divorce, including his marriage to Patti.

Patti Carnel Ex-Husband Bobby Sherman

Bobby Sherman is the ex-husband of Patti Carnel. He was born July 22, 1943 in Santa Monica, California inn the United States of America. He is an American by nationality.

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Bobby was a musician and actor, who sometimes wrote songs and became a teen idol in the 1960s and 1070s. He was relevant from 1962-1997.

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