Juliana Serbeto : Everything About Daniel Boaventura's Wife

Juliana Serbeto is famous for being the former and first wife of actor Daniel Boaventura. Juliana Serbeto husband Daniel Boaventura is known as an actor and singer in the country of Brazil.

In this article we have all the details about Daniel Boaventura’s ex-wife Juliana. We also have all the information you need to know about their marriage and divorce. Keep reading to be informed!!

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Juliana Serbeto Age, Birthplace, Wikipedia

Quite unfortunately, there is no information on the early life of Juliana Serbeto unlike her former husband Daniel. Juliana is a brunette with dark brown eyes. Her sexual orientation is straight and stands at an average height. Juliana Serbeto is Brazilian as well as her ex-husband Daniel.

Currently 51 years old, Daniel, whose full name is Daniel do Rêgo Boaventura was born on May 19th ,1970 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil to two teachers; Edivaldo M. Boaventura and Solange Boaventura. He grew up listening to Brazilian popular music (MPB) and classical music. During his early schooling days, Daniel also had music training in conjunction with his academics.

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Daniel had one brother, Pedro Augusto Rego Boaventura. Pedro was a Veterinarian. Unfortunately, Pedro has passed away. He died on December 24th , 2002 in Salvador, State of Bahia, Brazil. During his schooling days, he formed two bands with schoolmates. The bands were called Horas Vagas (Spare Time) and Os Tocáveiswhile . he did that while also completing courses in administration, public relations and advertising.
During one of the performances of the band, seeing one of the bands play, in 1991, Fernando Guerreiro, creator of Cia, Baiana de Patifaria, noticed Daniel on his stage debut, singing classic Broadway vocals. Director Fernando Guerreiro was enthralled so he persuaded Daniel to join his production of Zás Trás.

Juliana Serbeto Career

Juliana is a well renowned lawyer, aside known as the ex-wife of Daniel Boaventura, Juliana Serbeto ranks No. 54,962 among the Most Girl-Crushed-Upon Celebrity Women, and ranks 129,040th among all celebrities on the Top Celebrity Crushes list.

Juliana Serbeto Ex-husband

Daniel Boaventura is Juliana Serbeto’s ex-husband. Daniel is also a world music performer who is known as one of the richest world music singer who was born in Brazil. His career in the entertainment world and filmography include: Television, Film, Theatre and discography. Most people will recognize him for his various appearances in musicals on stage in Brazil. Daniel is a full artist, he sings, dances and acts. He is one of the biggest heart hrobs the art world has ever had with a lot of fans and ladies fangirling over his beauty.

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In 2009, he debuted as a vocalist with the album Songs 4 U. Boaventura has published three studio albums and four live DVDs over in his career, as well as a compilation album. He went on seven tours in his career as a musician.
In his most recent performance as an actor, he was in the film Hebe: A Estrela do Brasil (2019), in which he played the role of Silvio Santos.

How did Juliana Serbeto and Daniel Boaventura meet?

There is no information regarding how the two former lovers met.

Juliana started dating Daniel Boaventura in 1997. They got married in 1998 and had two children. The names of Juliana’s daughters with Daniel are Joana Boaventura, who was born in 2003, and Isabela Boaventura, who was also born in 2009. After 13 years of marriage, Juliana and Daniel got separated and divorced in 2011.

Two years after the divorce, Daniel married Maria Netto. Just like Daniel, Maria is also an actress. The
couple got a divorce in 2019, after six years of marriage.
After divorcing his former wife Maria, the Daniel put up the property they lived in, for six years, for
sale saying he did not want anything to do with Maria again. It was listed for a whopping four million euros.

The rumors of the family separating began after Maria posted a photo of a broken heart while she was at a party. “He came in with his foot and came in with my a***” said Maria in a post on one of her social networks, very dramatic huh? Even though the family has separated, Daniel spends a lot of time with his daughters, being the perfect dad. He posts very frequently on Instagram, sharing with his fans the various moments he shares with his daughters.

He recently posted about his trip to Disney with his daughters. “Too many selfies and grimaces for the bill. What about you, tell me about an unforgettable trip with the family” read the translated caption for the post.
According to our records, Juliana Serbeto is possibly single.

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