Zulme MacNeal : Facts About Cab Calloway's Wife

Zulme MacNeal is the late wife of Cab Calloway. Zulme MacNeal’s husband Cab Calloway was an American jazz singer, songwriter, dancer, bandleader, conductor and actor. He was active in his career from 1927 to 1994, over 67 years in active music career. He was born December 25, 1907 and he died November 18, 1994 at age 86.

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Zulme MacNeal : Bio Summary

Full NameZulme MacNeal
famous asWife of Cab Calloway
Age93 years old
Date of BirthAugust 24, 1915
Place of Birth Los Angeles County
Zodiac signVirgo
Siblings Unknown

Zulme MacNeal Age, Place of Birth, Education, Wikipedia

Cab Calloway’s wife Zulme MacNeal was born August 24,1915 in Los Angeles County, California in the United States. She passed away October 13, 2008 in New York, United States. She died at age 93, due to pneumonia complications at a nursing facility in Delaware. Her zodiac sign is the Virgo.

She attended Howard University, from which she has a Masters degree in Sociology. In the university, she studied with a woman called Dr. Erlane Lock, whose line of work helped Zulme meet a lot of famous people. She also worked with the Federal government as an assistant to Thurgood Marshall. Nuffie, as she was affectionately called by most of her close pals, also worked as a civil servant in the Department of Federal Housing Authority.

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Though she is well known as the wife of Cab Calloway, she has other great achievements. She won the award for The Woman of The Year in 1980.

Zulme MacNeal Husband

Cab Calloway was the husband of Zulme MacNeal. Cab was born December 25, 1907 in Rochester, New York. He passed away November 18, 1994 at age 86 in Hockessin, Delaware. He suffered a stroke and died five months after, of pneumonia complications in a nursing home.

At the time Zulme MacNeal’s husband Cab Calloway was alive, he was a jazz singer, songwriter, dancer, conductor and actor. He was well known for his ability to mix jazz and vaudeville, and this was the secret to his long span career of almost 65 years. He was active in his career from 1927 till his death in 1994.

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He was the first American to sell a million records from a single and also the first to have a national syndicated radio show.

In his lifetime, he won many awards including National Medal of Arts from the United States Congress, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008 and also inducted into many jazz music Hall of Fame.

How did Zulme MacNeal and Cab Calloway meet?

There is no information regarding how Zulme MacNeal and her husband Cab Calloway met, but we know were married for a long time. They were married for 46 years, from 1948 to 1994.

Their relationship started in 1948, when they started dating. A year after dating, they got married 7th October, 1949 and remained married till the death of Cab in November, 1994.

Zulme and Cab’s marriage resulted in the birth of three children, who were all females. The daughters were Chris Calloway, Cecilia “Lael” Eulalia Calloway, and Cabella Calloway.

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Before their marriage, actor Cab Calloway already had two children from previous relationships. They were Camay Calloway, a daughter he had with a woman called Zelma Proctor and Constance Calloway, a daughter he adopted in his first marriage.

Zulme MacNeal Achievements

Zulme MacNeal aside being known as the wife of actor Cab Calloway and The Woman of The Year 1980, she had a lot of personal achievements.

She worked under the direction of Dr. Gennar Mydal on his study called ”An America Dilemma”. She also worked on a study for the Carnegie Foundation titled ”The Negro in America”

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Zulme also raised awareness and money for African American children and orphans in Westchester, when she and her family moved there.

She raised a lot of funds for her community by giving numerous speeches for many organizations

Zulme MacNeal Children

She and her husband had three children in their 46 years marriage. The children were Chris Calloway, Cecilia “Lael” Eulalia Calloway, and Cabella Calloway.

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Chris Calloway was the first daughter and she died in August 2008, after a long fight with breast cancer.

Cecilia Lael Calloway, the second daughter, lives in White Plains with her husband and children.

Cabella Calloway Langsam of Hockessin Delaware and Santa Fe New Mexico, is also living with her husband and family.

Cecilia Lael Calloway and Cabella Calloway together with their children are the surviving members of the Calloway family.

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