Paula Detullio : Facts About Kip Winger's Ex-Wife

Paula Detullio is the wife of Kip Winger. Her husband Kip Winger is an American bass guitarist, singer and an active member of the rock band Winger. Aside being a member of a band, he also performs as a solo artist. He rose to fame as a member of Alice Cooper’s band, where he contributed bass and vocals to two of the band’s album, Constrictor and Raise Your Fist and Yell.

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Paula Detullio Age, Birthplace, Wikipedia

How old is Paula? Paula Detullio is 53 years old. Information regarding , birthplace and personal data is unknown on the internet. She is of American nationality and was born in the United States of America. Paula’s star sign is unknown but her husband, Kip Winger is the Gemini. She is a singer. Her hair color is brown dark. She is popular as a musician and also the wife of Kip Winger.

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Though Paula is known on the internet as a singer, there is no trace of any of her songs on the internet. Many of her ex-husband’s songs are on the internet and being enjoyed by his fans and music lovers all around the world.

How did Paula Detullio and Kip Winger meet?

There is no information regarding how Paula and Kip met, but we know they dated for more than a year before they finally got married.

Kip Winger meet his wife, Paula Detullio in 2003 and they got married on June 12, 2004 after a year of dating.

Before the two got married, Kip had been in previous relationships. He was in a relationship with a supermodel from New Zealand called Rachel Hunter, in the early 1980s. After their breakup, Rachel went ahead to marry musician Rod Stewart. Kip also went ahead to marry Beatrice Richter in 1991, who later died in a car accident.

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There is no information regarding any past relationship Paula Detullio. She did not come into the relationship with any child.

The relationship between Paula and Kip lasted for 16 years, ranging from 2003 to 2014. They divorced in 2019 and the reason for the separation is still unknown.

Their union did not produce any child. Nothing has been heard of Paula after her divorce to Kip Winger.

Paula Detullio’s Ex-Husband

Kip Winger is the husband of Paula Detullio. Kip, whose full name is Charles Fredrick Kip Winger, was born June 21, 1961 in Colorado, United States of America and he is 60 years now in 2022. He is an American by nationality.

His parents were all musicians, who exposed him to music and at an early age of 16, Kip was learning classical music. Musicians like Debussy Ravel, Alan Parsons and Stravinsky were his role model. He once sent a demo of his own music to Alan Parsons and he received a reply.

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Paula’s husband, Kip Winger performs both as a band member and a solo artist. He had his commercial fame after he co-wrote a song for American rock band, Kix, in 1984.

As a solo artist he has released a lot of albums. Among these albums are This Conversation Seem Like A Dream, Down Incognito, Songs From The Oceans Floor, From The Moon To The Sun, Ghosts – Suite No 1, Conversations With Nijinsky and other projects.

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Together with his band, Wingers, they have released many albums too. Some of these albums are Winger ,In The Heart of The Young, Pull, IV, Karma, Better Days Comin.

Paula Detullio Social Media

Paula rose to fame when she got married to bassist Kip Winger. She went back to her normal life, away from the public eyes after her divorce to Kip.

She is on Twitter with user name @janesaid. She uses the same username on all other social media platforms.

She currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee where she works as a real estate agent and Village Real Estate Services.

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