Ann Courtney Harell : Facts About Dabney Coleman Wife

Ann Courtney Harrell is the ex-wife of American actor Dabney Coleman. She was born the 1st of December 1934 to David Harrell and Victoria Matthews Harrell. Ann Courtney loved
animals, she was known to be particularly biased towards cats making them her favorite
animal. She also really loved art, flowers and Port Aransas, Texas. She was known to visit Pat
Robinson Tyler’s family in Port Aransas, Texas.

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Ann Courtney Harrell attended Pease high and then Austin High School. For her tertiary
education Ann Courtney Harrell went to Mount Vernon Junior College in Washington DC for
about two years and then transferred to University of Texas pursuing a major in art where
she was a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority.

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Ann was on the board and was a former member of the Junior League of Austin.
Ann owned the Ann Swenson landscaping company for about 28 years while she was alive
and she was in a business partnership for seven years with her friend for life Pat Tyler. As an
artist, doing what she loved the most, Ann had an exhibition for most of her paintings which
were sold to her friends and fellow Austinites when she died. She had three pets namely Too Big, MaryBeĺle and Deniro.


Ann Courtney Harrell was the first wife of Dabney Coleman. Ann Courtney and Dabney
started dating and hooking up in January 1957. They dated for eleven months and got
married in the same year on the 21 st of December 1957. The couple did not stay together
long. They got divorced one year, five months later in June 1959.

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Sources say that, the couple did not have any children together. After her marriage with Dabney Coleman, Ann remarried Willie G. Swenson, staying with him till death did them apart. The couple had a daughter named Courtney Swenson who unfortunately died along with her husband Willie G. Coleman.

Ann Courtney Harrell Husband

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Born on the 3rd January, 1932 in Austin, Texas, United States of America, 90- year old Dabney Wharton Coleman was raised in Texas during the great depression. Dabney had three elder siblings, all females, making him the last born and only male. Dabney was born to Mary Wharton Johns Coleman and Melvin Randolph Coleman.

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His father, Melvin, was a businessman and a cotton trader whose business was greatly disturbed by the bad weather which caused Dabney’s father to face a lot of financial problems. At age four in 1936, Melvin Coleman died of pneumonia leaving Mary, Dabney’s mother to take care of little Dabney and raise him. After moving New York to school, engaging in Broadway shows, in 1962, Dabney to start his acting career. He acted his first movie, “The Slender Thread” getting his first role in 1965.

Dabney Wharton after his divorce to Ann Courtney, later married an actress called Jean Hale. They were married for over 23 years, but eventually they divorced in 1984.

Ann Courtney Harrell Death

After his marriage and divorced with Ann, in 1961, he met Jane Hale and they moved to Los Angeles where they raised a family of three children named Kelly, Randolph and Mary but the marriage ended in divorce in 1983. Dabney is famous for his role as Franklin Hart in the movie nine to five.

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Ann Courtney Harrell died on 18th January, 2006 after the death of her husband and daughter. The cause of her death is still unknown. She died at age 72.

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