Alyssa Norman Missing : Full Story Explained!!


Alyssa Victoria-Rose Norman was reported missing from her home one Saturday. Following
the report, the Vermont Police Station did their investigation into their case and on 18th November, 2021, her dad, posted on his Instagram account at around 5: 17 am a picture of himself and little Alyssa, as a toddler, and shared with his followers that Alyssa has passed away.

He did not give away details as to how the sad news happened, in fact, these were his very
words, “Today has been the most difficult day of my life. My lovely daughter Alyssa, often
known as ‘daddy’s girl’ is no longer with us.”

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He shared a similar message on his twitter account, this time with just Alyssa’s picture saying, “Today has been the most painful day of my life. My beautiful daughter Alyssa “daddy’s girl” is gone. She passed away this morning. I come to you tonight asking that you pray for me & my family. This is extremely devastating for all of us. We appreciate you.”

Very mysterious but understandable, as I believe he would like to keep the circumstances a secret in this time of mourning.


Alyssa Victoria-Rose Norman was born to Thomas Mitchell Norman I and Rosemarie Pauline
Guido-Moyster. Thomas Norman, her father, is a well- known and greatly respected Veteran Police Officer in North Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas, United States. Her mother, Rosemarie, is the ex-wife of Thomas.

Alyssa Norman was a brown eyed brunette born on 24th July, 1995 in North Little Rock, Arkansas making her 26 years old before she died. She lived most of her life in her hometown, attending St. Mary’s there, Lakewood Middle school and then went on to attend Cabot senior high where she completed with the class of 2014. Her Zodiac sign was Leo.

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Alyssa Norman was not an only child, she had some siblings; a brother named Thomas Mitchell Norman II, who was named after their father, Jimmarica Jones, and Riley Hamilton. Alyssa was known a sports person, loving volleyball, softball and basketball. She also loved going to the beach and loved cheese.

Alyssa Victoria-Rose Norman grew up to be a Real Estate Agent in her hometown, North Little Rock, Arkansas and was known to be very good at her job, selling houses and closing deals. She worked with the Central Arkansas for over two years excelling at her job and working diligently.


Tommy Norman

As it is, there is no information available on the personal life, relationship status, or marital
status of Alyssa Norman but it was stated in her obituary that she left behind a son, her son, whom

she had with Matthew Burt. Kingston Allen Wayne Burt is the name of her son, his details
though are not available.

Alyssa Norman was very active on social media twitter and Instagram but her accounts were
removed after her death.


Alyssa was a staunch Christian who was baptized and read her bible daily without fail. After having a shaky past, Alyssa went to The Harbor Home in Conway, turning to God, making Him the center of her life. The Harbor Home helped her in fighting her addictions and she changed her life completely for good. The scripture she mostly used when telling her testimony was Psalms 18:28, “My God turns my darkness into Light”.


Alyssa Victoria-Rose Norman died on Wednesday 17 th November, 2021. The cause of her death remains unknown as the bereaved family has said nothing about it. Her father however reported her dead on the 18 th November, 2021 on his Instagram and twitter accounts.
Thomas Noman, her father can be accessed on Instagram under the username @tnorman23 where he has over a million followers and on Twitter under the username @OfficerNorman, where he has over 24.4k followers.

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The funeral arrangements were made private as per the family’s request where they asked that instead of sending memorial flowers, sympathizers should consider sending a donation to Kingston via “Alyssa V. Norman Memorial” at Centennial Bank. Alyssa Victoria-Rose Norman lived a good life and as it is, the people of North Little Rock,
Arkansas are mourning over the death of their beloved daughter, sister and friend. She will forever remain in the hearts of her family and loved one being remembered as a wonderful

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