Tiffany Chadderton : Facts About Steve Carlos Lemme Wife

Tiffany Chadderton, you have probably heard her name several times over the years and have wondered who she is. Well, here is a little background information on Tiffany
, Steve Lemme wife.

Tiffany Chadderton is the wife of American actor, director, producer, and comedian, Steve Lemme. Steve Lemme is almost always on screen as his career demands with his crew, the Broken Lizards. Tiffany’s husband is famously known for his role as State Trooper Macintyre Womack in the 2002 film,
Super Troopers where he produced, acted and screen wrote the movie with his crew the
Broken Lizards.

Personal Life and career of Tiffany Chadderton

Like the many wives of male celebrities we have come across, Steve Lemme’s wife Tiffany Chadderton has done her very best to stay out of the media and the news. She has managed to keep her life private. This therefore has made it nearly impossible for one to get their hands on personal information her. As said earlier, Tiffany Chadderton is the wife of Steve Lemme. Due to the fact that she prefers to be off the radar, information on her age, family, friends etc. is unavailable and not accessible.

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Tiffany has also kept any personal information on her relationship with Steve Lemme a secret. However, it is known that Tiffany and Steve have been married for about twelve years. They got married on the 15th April, 2010, have been happily married since. They also have been blessed with two kids, boys in fact.

Prior to his marriage to Tiffany Chadderton, Steve Lemme was married to a woman named Sandra. It was after his marriage to Sandra was over that he married Tiffany. Quite unfortunately, there is no information on how and when the couple met, how long they dated nor is there much on their love life but it seems that the couple is enjoying a very peaceful marriage with their kids.

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Unlike with her husband Steve Carlos Lemme, yes, his middle name is Carlos, a name derived from his Argentinian background, when it comes to the work and career of Tiffany, she provides no information what so ever to the media and interested persons. There is however, a lot of information on the career of her husband Steve Carlos Lemme.

Tiffany Chadderton Husband

Tiffany’s husband, Steve was born to an Argentinian immigrant who works in the engineering sector, a chemical engineer to be precise. 53-year-old Steve Carlos Lemme was born on the 13th November, 1968 in New York City, United States of America. For his secondary education, Steve attended the Dalton High, a Senior High School in New York, the United States but transferred to Fountain High school in Colorado also in the United States after a year graduating from high school in 1987.

Steve contracted polio, which resulted in the decay of his right calf muscle even after his polio vaccination as a young boy.

As a member of a fraternity known as Beta Theta Pi fraternity, Steve had his tertiary education at Colgate University in the United States. He also joined the Charred Goosebeak group, a comedy troupe, in Colgate University with his current crew the Broken Lizards founded by Eric Stolhanke one of the crew members before he left the university.

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According to Steve, he dropped out of school on his own will against the wishes of his father to realize his dream with his crew members, the Broken Lizards. The Broken Lizards crew include group members are Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Hoffman, Paul Soter, and Erik Stolhanke. Sometime later, the Broken Lizards moved to New York City for greener pastures and it was after the crew had made a name for themselves through a live performance that his father started to slowly started to warm up to the crew.

The vision of the Broken Lizards soon changed from live performance to films and their first film in 1996 was “Puddle Cruiser” where Steve Lemme featured in the film with the rest of the crew acting as Felix bean. Some of the films he stared in, with and without his crew the Broken Lizards include Super Troopers, Super Troopers 2, Club Dread etc. with the crew and The Brooklyn heist, The Dukes of Hazzard etc. without the crew.

Steve Carlos Lemme has a very successful career but with Tiffany we cannot tell though it seems the couple are enjoying their marriage happily. One can only hope that Tiffany becomes more open to the media and share some bits of her interesting life with the rest of

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