Ryan Waller, Dead Or Alive?

This article is about Ryan Waller, a young man from Arizona who was interrogated by the police for six hours with a bullet stuck in his skull. Ryan was accused of killing his girlfriend, which he denied. Instead of the police getting him medical attention, they kept him in custody. Keep reading to find the full story and get to know whether Ryan Waller is alive or dead.

Ryan Waller Arizona Story

On December 23, 2007, Ryan was having quality time with his girlfriend, Heather Quan, when two armed robbers broke into the house in which they were. At the time when the incident, his girlfriend was only 21 years old.

During the robbery attack, Ryan was shot at the rear of his head. The armed robbers thinking he was dead, shot Ryan Waller girlfriend, Heather Quan. He gained consciousness at the time the police arrived at the scene and instead of them to take him to the hospital, he was arrested and held for questioning. The questioning lasted for 2 hours and this delayed his chances of surviving the gunshot from the robbers.

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Due to delayed medical attention, Ryan Waller’s situation got critical and he died 26 days after the incident. He went through lots of pain and the medical findings discovered that the gunshot affected his cerebrum and caused his death.

After his death, the police later found the real criminals behind the shooting. They then discovered that Ryan was a victim of the incident rather than the perpetrator. The two robbers were discovered to be Lloyd Carver and his son Ritchie Lee Carver. Ritchie was later found to be an ex-flatmate of Ryan Waller, and was the one who shoot both victims.

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In June 2008, the two robbers were taken to court, where Ritchie was charged with many offences including felony, murder, burglary and other offences. He was jailed for life.

Ritchie’s father Lloyd was released with his charges excused, but later he was later charged with life imprisonment in November 2011 after being found guilty.

Ritchie Carver and his father Lloyd Carver are both serving life imprisonment in an Arizona jail.

Ryan Waller Dead or Alive

Ryan Waller is dead. He died 26 days after the Arizona shooting incident, after being denied early medical care.

After he was shot in the skull, the bullet went deep into his cerebrum and caused his death. He could have been saved, but the police delayed and denied him medical care after they found him conscious on the crime scene. The police interrogation lasted for 2 hours. He died due to severe injuries, which cause him to suffer seizures.

Ryan Waller Heather Quan

Ryan Waller and Heather Quan were in a romantic relationship and were both shot when Ritchie and his father came to rob them. Ryan was first shot and when the robbers thought he was dead, they shot his girlfriend, Heather Quan who died on the spot.

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Heather was 21 years old when the incident occured. Ryan Waller was 25 years at the time of his death.

Though the police earlier thought Ryan killed his girlfriend, they later found out that it was his ex-flatmate, Ritchie Carver who shot both Ryan Waller and Heather Quan.

Ryan Waller Family

After his death due to police negligence, the family of Ryan did not issue any lawsuit against the Arizona police for their sheer irresponsibility. The family rather posted a video on YouTube explaining the full details of the case.

Due to this Ryan Waller case, the Arizona State established the Heather’s Law.

Heather’s Law

Heather’s Law amended the marital privilege statute to compel a defendant’s spouse to testify by providing an exception to the privilege if one spouse voluntarily provides police with information about the other spouse’s involvement in a serious crime. The murderer behind Heather’s Law, Larry Lloyd Carver has been found guilty by a Maricopa County Jury this week on multiple counts in connection with the 2006 murder of Heather M. Quan and the attempted murder of her boyfriend, Ryan T. Waller

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