Is Mekai Curtis Related To 50 Cent?

In this article, you will get to know who Mekai Curtis dad is. You will also get to know if he is related to American rapper 50 Cent. Read and be informed!!!

Who Is Mekai Curtis?

Mekai Curtis is an American actor known for his role in 2014 movie, Kirby Buckets and 2016 movie, Milo Murphy’s Law. His rose to much fame for his role as Kanan in rapper 50 Cent’s TV series, Raising Kanan. Raising Kanan is a prequel set in the 1990s that chronicles the early years of Kanan Stark, the first character played by Curtis Jackson, popularly known as 50 Cent.

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Mekai Curtis was born in New Jersey, United States of America on October 14, 2000 and he is 21 years old now as at June 2021. His Raising Kanan character is from Queens, Jamaica.

He started his acting career with a role in Disney’s Kirbey Bucket, alongside Jacob Bertrand, a Cobra Kai actor. The show, Kirbey Bucket was aired from 2014 to 2017 on Disney XD. Aside being an actor, he is also a voice actor.

Mekai has been active from 2013 till date, June 2022.

Many people want to know whether Mekai Curtis dad is related to 50 Cent, who is the producers of the series, Raising Kanan.

Is Mekai Curtis Related To 50 Cent?

Is Mekai Curtis related to 50 Cent? The answer is No. Mekai is just playing the role of a younger version of 50 Cent and the two only have a professional relation. They are related by blood. 5

Rapper 50 Cent, has ”Curtis” in his full name, which is Curtis Jackson, and this might be the reason many people including the fans of Mekai be asking if they are related.

Mekai Curtis dad is not related to 50 Cent.

Mekai is playing the role of Kanan in STARZ series, Raising Kanan. The series, which was premiered July 18, is about a 15 year old who wants to involved in a family drug business led by his mother, Raq Thomas. The role of Raq Thomas was played by Patina Miller.

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His mother insist that he is not fit enough to be involved in the drug business, but Kanan seem adamant and still want to get involved.

This little gist about the series, is coined from he trailer of the show.

Who Is Mekai Curtis Dad?

Mekai Curtis dad is called Paul Curtis. His dad Paul, is a native of New Jersey, where Mekai was born.

Paul Curtis is married to Hadassah Curtis and together they gave birth to Mekai. The couple have other four children aside the Raising Kanan star. The children are three boys and a girl. The boys are Kezii Curtis, Zemhye Curtis, and Jesigh Curtis. The girl is Kaidynce Curtis.

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The whole family lives in New Jersey with the exception of Mekai, who has now moved to California to pursue his actin career.

Facts About Mekai Curtis

  • He is voice actor

Mekai was the voice behind Zack Underwood, an animation character in animated series, Milo Murphy’s Law. The series was aired from 2016 to 2019. He is also the voice behind Furaha, the monkey in Lion King.

  • He does music aside his acting career

Curtis has been seen in many Instagram videos playing drums and singing songs

  • He is from New Jersey

Though he is playing the role of a kid from Jamaica in Raising Kanan, he is actually from New Jersey and has no roots from Jamaica.

  • He does painting in his free time

Just like everybody else has his own hobbies, Curtis does painting as a hobby and he is very good at that.

  • He loves to spend time with his little sister

The actor has a little sister called Kaidynce Curtis and he loves to spend most of his free time with her. He sometimes post pictures of himself and Kaidynce.

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