Marcelene Octave, Kodak Black Mother Exposed

Marcelene Octave is the mother of American rapper and singer, Kodak Black. Marcelene Octave son, Kodak Black who was born with the name Dieuson Octave, is a 24 year old American rapper who first rose to fame in 2014 with his hit single, ”No Flockin”. His debut album titled Painting Pictures, ranked number 3 on the US Billboard Top 200. His second album, which was released in 2018 titled Dying To Live was number 1 on US Billboard 200. Marcelene’s son has a life full of legal issues and a lot of controversies.

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Kodak Black, Marcelene’s son, was originally called Dieuson Octave, but changed his name to Bill Kahan Kapri in 2018. The change was name happened when he started studying scriptures with a priest during his incarceration. The change was made official on May 2, 2018.

Marcelene got media attention when a video of her and her son went viral.

Marcelene, Kodak Black mother was born in the third largest Caribbean country, Haiti. Information on her date of birth is unknown. She moved out of her home country, Haiti to the United States of America in search of greener pasture. The time she migrated to the US is also unknown. She gave birth to Kodak Black on June 11, 1997, but details on whether she entered the US pregnant still remains unknown. She gave birth to Black in Pompano Beach, Florida. She is was a single parent to the rapper and his John Wicks, who is also a musician.

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Details of either her husband or boyfriend is unknown, making many suggest that her husband or boyfriend may have abandon her and her kids. There are no evidence to prove this, so we cant conclude her husband is a runaway husband.

Marcelene Octave Age

Marcelene Octave, Kodak Black mother age is not known. There are no details on her date of birth and therefore we cannot calculate to get her actual age.

Where Is Kodak Black Mom from?

Marcelene Octave, Kodak Black mother is from Haiti, a country in the Caribbean. She left her country to the United States, where she gave birth to Kodak and his brother John Wick.

Who Is Marcelene Octave Husband?

Many people ask Who is Marcelene Octave husband? The want to know who Marcelene is in relationship with or married.

Marcelene Octave husband is unknown. There hasn’t been any information on who she gave to Kodak Black with. If we get to know Marcelene’s husband, then literally we would know the rapper’s father.

As soon as information of Marcelene Octave, Kodak Black mother husband drops, we will update you.

Does Marcelene Octave have other kids apart from Kodak Black?

Aside Kodak Black, Marcelene has another son called John Wick. He is also a rapper and a member of a group called Sniper Gang.

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Wick grew up together with their single mother, Marcelene and brother Kodak Black. He was arrested one time, when Kodak’s house was raided by the police for the possession of illegal drugs like marijuana, Xanax and codeine. He was later released on a bond of $2,350.

John Wick and his brother, Kodak Black have a song together titled ”SniperGang”.

Marcelene Octave Net Worth

Kodak Black mother net worth is unknown. Information on what she does for a living and her financial details is not found.

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Her son, Kodak Black through his music, has earned a lot of money for himself. Kodak Black net worth is estimated around $ 16,27 million. He makes money from the shows he play, the records he sell and other endorsement deals.

According to, the rapper makes about $4.19 million a year.

What Is Kodak Black Mom Name?

The name of Kodak Black Mom is Marcelene Octave, she is a Haitian women who migrated to the United States of America to seek greener pastures. Her husband is unknown and she has another son aside Kodak Black called John Wick. Her age and date of birth are all unknown.

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A lot of personal information about Marcelene , Kodak Black mother is not known and as soon as we get a hold on any personal information about her, this article will be updated.

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