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Valerie Schlumberger is a renowned French actress and customer designer. She is also a writer and does a great deal of philanthropic works. She is a descendant of the Schlumberger brothers. The Schlumberger brothers are two brothers, whose inventions in the areas of geophysics and well logging revolutionized the entire well logging industry. The brothers are Conrad Schlumberger and Emile Henry Marcel Schlumberger. We don’t know which of the brothers Valerie traces her lineage, but we know she is from their family line.

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Valerie Schlumberger : Profile Summary

Full NameValerie Schlumberger
Famous asActress, Mother of Lea Seydoux
Date of BirthMay 4, 1952
Age70 years old
Place of BirthFrance
Birth SignAries
ParentsFather- Remy Schlumberger
Mother- Diane Vuillet

Valerie Schlumberger, whose birth name is Valérie Henriette Schlumberger, was born 4th May, 1952 and is 70 years old in 2022. She was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, 92200, Hauts-de-Seine, Île-de-France, France and she is a French nationality.

Her parents are Remy Schlumberger and Diane Vuillet. Valerie is the sister of 73 year old, renowned French movie producer, Emmanuel Schlumberger. Her other siblings are Martin, Gregoire, Emmanuel, Judith, Thomas, Basile and Igor (They all bear the same surname, Schlumberger).

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She is also the mother of French actress, Lea Seydoux, who rose to fame by winning the Trophée Chopard and also gaining a César Award nomination for her role in the movie, The Beautiful Person.

Valerie Schlumberger is known for her role in the movies To Our Loves (1983), Zanzibar (1989) and Dear Prudence (2010). In the movie, To Our Loves, she played the role of a lady called Marie-France and she played the role of Pascale.

In 2010, Valerie Schlumberger, appeared in the same movie with her daughter, Lea Seydoux in a movie directed by Rebecca Zlotowski, called Belle Epine. She played the role of a lady called Arlette Friedmann, while her daughter Seydoux played the role of Prudence Friedmann. The movie is about two teenage girls who bond over drugs, partying and music, who after being arrested tried to find themselves in a difficult world.

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Valerie married at a very young age of 16 to her first husband, an ethnologist called Christian Saglio on 31st July, 1968. Christian was a Senegalese, who moved to stay in Dakar with her as young couple. She created a clothing making workshop in Dakar and even created her own clothing line. The couple had three children, Marine Bramly, Noé Saglio and Ondine Saglio. The marriage collapsed after sometime in February 1982, with Valerie moving on to marry again.

After her divorce with Christian Saglio she returned to her home country France, where she set up her first boutique and also founded an association called CSAO (Compagnie du Sénégal et de l’Afrique de l’Ouest). The aim of the association was to disseminate in France and Europe the fruit of the work of the best craftsmen and artists of West Africa, while building lasting and equitable links with each one of them. She created another association called ASAO (Association for Senegal and West Africa), which transformed old cinemas in Dakar to a lodging place for street children.

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She got married to a French businessman called Henri Jérôme Seydoux-Fornier de Clausonne, in June 1983. This second marriage resulted in the birth of French superstar, Lea Seydoux and her sister, Camille Seydoux. Lea is the youngest of the two children of the couple. This second marriage also ended in a divorce, which was finalized on 23 June 1998.

Valerie Schlumberger’s net worth is not known, but that of her daughter actress Lea Seydoux is estimated around $5 million in 2022.

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