Who Is Jim Grdina

Jim Grdina, whose real name is John G. “Jay” Grdina, is an American actor, director, screenwriter, producer and business man. He is also known as Justin Sterling. He started his journey into movies as an investor, who later became a movie writer, producer and actor.

Due to his exceptional work in various movies, he has received many awards for acting, editing, directing and production of movies.

He owns a celebrity gossip website and a hangover prevention drink called ”NOHO”. The name of his celebrity website is Kikster.com. His hangover prevention drink, NOHO, got him a feature on CNBC in 2011.

Jim Grdina Age

Jim Grdina was born in Ohio on October 11, 1967 and he is 53 years old now as at May 2022.His zodiac sign is the Libra. He was born into an affluent family that was into cattle ranching. His family were citizens of Croatia, who immigrated to the United States of America.

He weighs 130 lbs (59kg) with a height of 4 feet 12 inches.

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Jim Grdina Education

He first attended Naples Christian Academy and later completed his high school education at Gilmour Academy in Cleveland, Ohio. After high school, he continued his education at University of San Diego, where he graduated with a degree in Psychology and Business.

Jim Grdina Career

Jim Grdina started his career immediately after he graduation from University of San Diego. He started by trying many career option and businesses.

In 1992, he finally settled on movies, by investing into the production of movies. He first invested into Michael Ninn’s Films.

As an investor into movies for sometime, he ventured into the area of acting, directing and editing of movies, where he has contributed in many movies as writer and director. His writing and directing style is inspired by Michael Ninn. He also played roles in some of his movies with the name, Justin Sterling. He sometimes too used either the name ”Justin Fine” or ”Michael Santangelo”.

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Jim became friends with movie star, Jenna Jameson, and he became Jameson’s only male partner in all her movies, acting with the name ”Justin Sterling” in all of the movies he made with her.

They have produced many movies, won many awards and made much money together.

Jim stopped everything movie, after his divorce with his Jenna Jameson.

Jim Grdina Wife

While Jim Grdina and Jenna Jameson were working together, they developed feelings for each other which later led to marriage. They got engaged in December 2000, at a time when Jenna was waiting for a divorce from her Brad Armstrong. She finally got the divorce in March 2001.

Jim and Jenna got married in June 2003, but the marriage lasted for only 3 years. They divorced in 2006, after Jenna was diagnosed with skin cancer and also suffered a miscarriage.

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Much is not known about Jim Grdina’s current wife after split with Jenna, but thefamouspeople.com reports that, he is now married with 2 children. He stays with his wife and 2 children in Phoenix, Arizona.

Jim Grdina Net Worth

Jim Grdina as a businessman and a film producer, has made a lot of money and has an estimated net worth of over $20 million. He makes money from the movies he produced and royalties.

Facts About Jim Grdina

  • He was an adult film actor
  • He owns a celebrity gossip website called Kikster.com
  • He was once married to arguably the famous adult movie star, Jenna Jameson
  • He has two children with his second wife
  • His net worth is around $20 million
  • He used the name ”Justin Sterling” in most of his films

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