Annie Hanson, who is the executive director of football recruiting at Oklahoma Football, and Lincoln Riley, who is the head coach of USC Trojan football program at University of Southern California, were in the news for an alleged cheating scandal.

The cheating scandal of Lincoln Riley and Annie Hanson, came up at a time when Lincoln was the head coach at University of Oklahoma, a job he held on for 5 seasons from 2017 to 2021.

The scandal was a topic on Reddit and was discussed in many forums. Though the source of the rumor remains unknown, it was a very hot topic of discussion on Reddit.

In this article, we have given the full details on the cheating allegation of Lincoln Riley and Annie Hanson. Read on to get well informed on the scandal being discussed on Reddit.

Full Details On Annie Hanson And Lincoln Riley Scandal

The whole scandal of Lincoln Riley and Annie Hanson started on Reddit, one of the biggest discussion platforms in the world. Many people in discussions, have been talking about the scandal between the two.

The scandal was first sparked on Reddit when an OU insider posted the message of the scandal of extramarital affair between Lincoln Riley and Annie Hanson on the platform. The post was later deleted, but even before it was deleted many people had started talking about it.

Many people questioned Annie Hanson’s relationship with coach Lincoln Riley with many agreeing that they were having extramarital affairs.

During that same period when the scandal was trending, Annie stopped being active on social media and this also raised a lot of suspicion.

Though this was a big scandal, none of both Annie Hanson and Lincoln Riley came out to address the issue and it still remain just a rumor with no credible proof.

Is Annie Hanson and Lincoln Riley having affair?

The question that was mostly discussed on Reddit and other social media platforms was Is Annie Hanson and Lincoln Riley having affair? The answer to this question is NO

It was an insider from OU who started the scandal on Reddit without any proper or substantial proof of the claim. The parties involved, Annie Hanson and Lincoln Riley also did not come out to address the issue.

We cannot use just a claim on the internet to say the two are having any affair.

Annie Hanson is married to Zach Hanson, a man she meet in summer 2014. They have stayed together in North Carolina since they got married.

Lincoln Riley is also married to Caitlin Buckley with which he has two daughters, Sloan and Stella Hanson.

Who Is Annie Hanson At OU?

Annie Hanson is the Executive Director of Football Recruiting at OU. Before she attained her current position, she worked for 5 seasons as the assistant director/recruiting strategy and administrative engagement, from 2017-2021. In her first 4 years, Oklahoma ranked Top 10 classes.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Intercollegiate Athletics Administration, all from Oklahoma University.

Who Is Lincoln Riley?

Lincoln Riley is an American college football coach. He was born on September 5, 1983. He was also a former player and currently the head coach of the USC Trojans Football program at the University of Southern California.

Before he became the head coach at USC Trojans Football, he was the coach for University of Oklahoma for five seasons, from 2017-2021.

He attended Muleshoe High School in West Texas, where he started his high school career at defensive end. After high school. Lincoln went to Texas Tech University, where he played quarter back as a walk on.

Lincoln graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science. He is currently the head coach of USC Trojans Football.

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