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Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is an American rapper and record producer, who rose to fame in September 2017 when his debut single ”Crank That” peaked number 1 on US Billboard Hit 100. The song which was published on the internet by the rapper himself, later became a number 1 hit in the United States of America for seven consecutive weeks. The ”Crank That” song earned Soulja Boy almost $7 million as he was enlisted on the Hip Hop Cash Kings of 2010 by Forbes in 2010.

His father provided him with studio equipment to explore his musical prowess and by 2015, Soulja Boy had started posting his music on SoundClick. The positive reviews he got from SoundClick, he started posting his work on YouTube and Myspace. In 2017, he got his biggest hit song ”Crank That” and also released his first self-produced album titled  Unsigned & Still Major: Da Album Before da Album

After Soulja released a low budget video for his hit song ‘Crank It’, he got a major record label deal with Interscope Records, where he released his second album, This second album was made with the demo version of FL Studio and it topped many Hip Hop Charts in the US.

Soulja Boy, was born on 28th July, 1990 in Chicago Illinois in the United States of America and therefore is an American citizen. He moved to Atlanta at the age of 6, where he developed the love for rap music. His father moved with him to Batesville, Mississippi when he was 14 years where he took his love to another level by doing rap music.

From 2007 till date, Soulja Boy has released over 26 albums and worked with other prominent musicians like Bow Wow, Gucci Mane, Rich The Kid, Kanye West, etc.

Soulja Boy Age

Soulja Boy was born on the 28th June, 1990 in Chicago, Illinois and is 31 years old at the time of writing this article in April 2022. He was born to Tracy Way and Calissa Way, who are both American citizens. He has other 3 siblings, but much is not known of them. The rapper really adores his father, Tracy but has issues with his mother Calissa because of her drug and addiction and behavior.

Soulja Boy Biggest Hit

Soulja Boy’s biggest hit is a song he released in 2007 titled ”Crank That”. The song was his debut song, which he released on SoundClick but later became a major hit on US Hip Hop Charts and earned him over $7 million in the year 2010. The song even came with its own dance, the Soulja Boy Dance and the low budget video had accumulated over 27 million views on YouTube by the end of 2008, a year after it’s release.

”Crank That” spent seven weeks on US Billboard Hot 100 in 2007. It was also nominated for the Best Rap Song at the 50th Grammy, but Soulja lost the award fellow rapper, Kanye West. The song was also the first song to sell 3 million digital copies in the US and over 5 million downable copies at the end of February 2014.

The ”Crank It” song by Soulja Boy was released in the US on May 2, 2007 and globally in June 2007.

Soulja Boy Real Name

DeAndre Cortez Way is the real name of American rapper and record producer, Soulja Boy. He is the son of Tracy Way, and therefore took his father’s surname, which is Way. His mother also has the surname of Tracy Way (Soulja Boy’s father), Calissa Way.

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He goes by the stage name, Soulja Boy right now, but formerly, he was known as Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em.

Did Crank That Go Diamond?

Crank That is the debut single of American rapper and savvy entrepreneur, DeAndre Cortez Way, professionally known as Soulja Boy. The song is presumed to be the rapper’s biggest hit. It topped charts and earned the musician lots of dollars.

Many fans ask, Did Crank That Go Diamond? The answer to this question is NO. For a song to go Diamond, it has to sell over 10 million units digitally. Soulja Boy’s ‘Crank That’ song didn’t go Diamond because when you check the list of the 22 songs certified by the RIAA to have gone Diamond, you wont see the song there. We wonder where the rapper got his figures from to claim his song went Diamond.

How Old Was Soulja Boy When He First Came Out?

Soulja Boy was only 17 years old when he first came out. That was in 2007,when he released his debut single, Crank That, which became a major hit in the US. His debut single topped many charts and gained him lots of dollars.

Soulja Boy Net Worth 2022

Soulja Boy is estimated around $30 million in 2022. He makes his money from streams and digital sales. He was once named on Forbes list of Hip Hop Cash Kings in 2010 and currently one of the high earning musicians in the US. In October 2021, he claimed to make $100000 a day which amounts to $3 million per month. If this information is true, then he must be really rich as a musician. Though he is not topping the charts like he used to, he is smiling at the bank.

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