Elliott Grainge : Facts About Sofia Richie's Fiancée

Elliot Grainge is the fiancée of Sophia Richie. Sofia Richie is an American social media personality, model and fashion designer. She has worked as a model with top brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Adidas and among others. She has gained a lot of fame and authority in her career.

She was born in Los Angeles, California on August 24, 1998 and is 23 years old now as at 2022. She is the daughter of singer, Lionel Richie and his second wife, Diane Alexander. She is the sister of Nicole Richie and Myles Richie. It is known that late pop superstar Michael Jackson was her Godfather whiles alive and her regular visits to the late musicians Neverland Rauch, established an awesome relationship between herself and the late musicians daughter, Paris.

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Sofia grew up with the love for music, just like her father, Lionel Riche, and at age 7 she started playing the piano. Many would have expected her to be a musician, as she was seem with her father at most of his shows but she couldn’t live up to those expectations.

At age 14, Sofia Richie started her modeling career with a feature in Teen Vogue, which granted her first official modeling contract and since that time till now has worked with top brands. She has also had a lot of features in top magazines and shows.

In 2021, Sofia and her then boyfriend, Elliot Grainge, made their relationship public on Instagram. A year into their relationship, Elliot has finally engaged Sofia.

In this article, we are shifting the attention to Sofia Richie’s fiancé, who she recently got engaged to, Elliot Grainge. Continue reading to find all about him

Who Is Elliot Grainge?

Sofia Richie’s fiancé, Elliot Grainge, is the son of the son of the CEO of University Music Group Sir Lucian Grainge. He owns an independent record label in Los Angeles called 10K Projects, a company founded in 2020. He started his record label by signing young upcoming artist. Controversial musician, Tekashi6ix9ine is one of the musicians he started his label with.

Elliot Grainge was born on November, 6 1993 and is 29 years old now as at 2022. After his birth, his mother fell into a coma, which she never recovered till her death.

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He grew up in England, but he moved later to the United States in the year 2009, at the time his father became the CEO Universal Music Group. Elliot Grainge had his university education at the Northeastern University in Boston, where he graduated with Bachelors of Arts/Science.

Elliot is a cool person who enjoys being private. He is a low-key person, who shy away from spotlight.

Is Sofia Richie Engaged?

Yes……….Sofia Richie is engaged to his boyfriend, Elliot Grainge. Sofia and Elliot made their relationship public in 2021 on Instagram.

After the revelation of their relationship, they have been seen sharing lovely pictures of themselves on their social media pages with romantic captions.

In April 2022, the couple, made it known of their engagement as Sofia posted a picture of herself and Elliot. In the picture, Elliot was seen on his kneels proposing to the model.

The two started dating, after Sofia ended her 3 years relationship with her ex, Scott Disick in August 2020.

Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge are expected to marry soon, but the date on which they are getting married has not been communicated yet.

Elliot Grainge Net Worth

Elliot Grainge is estimated to have a net worth of about $10 million. He makes money from being a record label owner and an entrepreneur. His fiancée, Sofia Richie is also estimated around $8 million, which is money from her modeling career and other income sources like endorsing products on her social media. His father is also estimated to have a net worth of over $60 million dollars, which he got from working with the prestigious Universal Music Group.

Elliott was featured on Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2021.

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