Renee Black, ASAP Rocky's Mom

Renee Black is the mother of rapper Asap Rocky, read and be informed more about her!!

Asap Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Athelaston Mayers, is an American rapper, singer and record producer. He was born and raised in Harlem, New York City, where he started rapping at a young age of 9. He joined a hip hop collective named ASAP Mob in 2017, where he had his moniker ASAP. He met other fellow gang members, ASAP Bari, ASAP Yams and ASAP Illz.

Asap Rocky is well known for songs like NYC street anthems like ”Purple Swag” and ”Peso”. He signed a major record deal with RCA Records after his mixtape Live.Love.ASAP was received very well by music lovers all around.

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Asap Rocky was born in Harlem on October 3, 1988 and was taken care of by his mother as a single parents, since his father was either in jail or on the run for many criminal activities.

Until ASAP Rocky started his music career, he used to sell drugs and engage in other illegal activities.

He is recently linked romantically to singer Rihanna. The two are currently expecting a child. Asap was recently arrested on his involvement in a shooting in Los Angeles some time past. There was also a false accusation of ASAP cheating on Rihanna with a designer called Amina Mauddi, a news which was later found out to be mere allegation without any proper evidence.

In this article, we have a detailed writing on everything you need to know about ASAP Rocky’s mother.

Who Is Renee Black, ASAP Rocky’s Mom?

Renee Black is the mother of rapper and record producer Asap Rocky. Asap is the only child that resulted from the relationship between Renee Black and Adrian Mayers.

Asap Rocky mom, Renee Black was born in 1966 in the United States of America and is 53 years old now in 2022. She was born into a poor family and did menial jobs to take care of herself and other siblings. She is an Afro-American ethnicity and a Christian by religion.

Renee Black is best known as the mother of ASAP Rocky and also a popular American homemaker.

She faced a lot of difficulties raising her children including Asap Rocky due to the fact that her husband, Adrian Mayers was either on the run for a crime or was in prison for his numerous criminal involvement. She raised all her children in shelter homes. There were times ASAP Rocky shared food and other valuables to children and families in those shelters, citing how he used to stay there with his mom and siblings.

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Renee had 2 sons, ASAP Rocky and Ricky Mayers and a daughter named Erika B. Mayers. Ricky Mayers was killed in a gang war and Erika died through overdose of drugs. Asap is the only surviving child of Renee Black.

Renee Black’s net worth is not known but that of her son, ASAP Rocky is know. Asap Rocky has an estimated net worth of around $10 million in 2022. His net worth is from his music career, endorsement deals as a musician and other business ventures he is engaged in.

Who Are ASAP Rocky Parents?

Asap Rocky’s parents are Renee Black, who is a famous American homemaker and Adrian Mayers who is known for multiple criminal activities.

When Did Asap Rocky Mother Become Popular?

Renee Black, Asap Rocky mother become very popular when she started speaking publicly about her son’s arrest in Sweden. She came public to defend her son when he was arrested in Sweden and was up for a possible 2 year jail sentence. Renee spoke many times, asking for her son’s release.

During the time of the Harlem rapper’s arrest in Sweden, his mother spoke and claimed the authority wanted to make her son as example. “I don’t even want to think about or say it. I really don’t. I don’t want to rock any boats. I don’t want to stir up any trouble, anything that is going to cause my son not to be released and be able to come home. I’m pleading, I hope, that they let my son home. I really do.”

Former President Donald Trump was also among those who spoke for the release of the rapper. Though many calls were made to release Asap Rocky, the Sweden authority insisted that the rapper go through the judicial system.

Asap Rocky spent a month in jail in Sweden and was convicted of assault. He was made to pay a fine after a Swedish court declared that he needed not to be jail any longer.

Asap Rocky Mom Ethnicity

Renee Black is the mother of American rapper, Asap Rocky. Renee Black’s ethnicity is African-Barbadian-American.

Renee Black Net Worth

Renee Black’s net worth is not known but her son, Asap Rocky’s net worth in 2022 is estimated around $10 million. All his money comes from his music and other endorsement deals.

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