Tolan Shaw is an American multi award-winning musician who has risen to fame in the Southern California music scene and an avid traveler. Tolan is a pop/rock-song writer who would not stop at nothing to build a career with his authentic and travel inspired music. He is also a prolific songwriter, whose new series of singles exposes him as a musician who is at the peak of his prowess and with songs that are emotional and sincere. According him, he has over 200 songs in his name, since he started doing music years ago.

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Tolan Shaw was born in southern California on April 9, 1989 and he is 31 years of age. Looking at his appearance and stature, you may mistake him for a much younger person. He is around 5 feet 8 inches in height. The identity of his parents and family relationship is unknown. Tolan Shaw is married to a beautiful wife called Sarah Vahalla Shaw, who was his girlfriend in the university, University of San Diego. He usually posts moments in their lives on his Instagram page. He is not known to have any brothers or sisters. They got married on November 8, 2013. He currently stays in Nashville with his wife.

Tolan attended University of San Diego, he graduated with a BA International Relations and Spanish. He was also a student of a study abroad programme, founded in 1963 and managed by Shipboard Education in Fort Collins ( Colorado), called Semester At Sea. In one of the Semester At Sea’s Homecoming, Tolan was a guest speaker at the event, where he spoke on a session titled Semester At Sea and Songwriting. He talked on how traveling has impacted his music and song writing career. Information on his high school education is unknown.

Tolan Shaw Music Career

He had his first ever public performance in high school at an outdoor event called ”Battle of Bands” competition. Tolan and his band came 3rd at the event.

Tolan Shaw released his first album in 2013, titled ”Tolan Shaw”. The album had a lot of great song, which he wrote and sang all by himself. The album, Tolan Shaw, had 12 songs filled with tunes that pay homage to 1960s soul music. His second album was also released in 2015 titled ”Chin Up” which won ”Best Pop Album” at the 2015 San Diego Music Awards. The second album also received a lot of regular radio plays in San Diego and college campuses all around the United States of America. Most of the songs on his albums had TV show placements and also had a chance to perform at San Diego KAABOO Festival.

Tolan linked up with Taylor Guitars, GoPro and other local brands to create travel/music video series called Wandersong. This project took him to 9 countries in Southeast Asia to write songs and release videos

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In 2019, Tolan Shaw received his first major label songwriting credit by writing a duet for Filipino singer Renee Dominique and international sensation Jason Mra, titled ”Could I Love You Some More”. He also released his album ”All Over The World” in 2020, a song on his most recent album, ”All Over The World”

He has released a new album in 2022 called Sticky notes. The album is complete with 10 songs.

Tolan Shaw Net Worth

Tolan Shaw’s net worth is not known, but from the lavish lifestyle he shows on his social media, he seem to have a lot of money. He earns his money from song writing, the streaming of his songs, linking with brands like GoPro and Taylor Guitars.

Tolan Shaw Social Media Presence

He has over 20000 subscribers on YouTube and channel name, Tolan Shaw.

He has over 20000 followers on Instagram with the name tolanshaw.

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