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Erica Cox is a Canadian actress, who was born in Toronto, Canada. Erica Cox according to some sources is also a model, but there are no information on the internet to prove the claims. She was born on the 1st of January 2000 and is 22 years now.

In this article you are going to know everything there is to know about Canadian actress, Erica Cox. Her family background, career, relationship and net worth Read ahead to find out.

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Erica Cox started her acting career at a very early age of 6, where she was included in a Canadian popular television show called The Business. She played the role of the Drunk Chick and appeared in 4 episodes of the show. The show, The Business, is shown on Movie Network in Canada and IFC in the United States of America. This show has prominent actors like Nicolas Wright, Kathleen Robertson and other great Canadian actors as the main characters. Her desire to act and play roles in movies could have been developed through this show at an early age.

Erica Cox has a height of 5ft and 8 inches and has dim eyes. She is normally seen with short dark hair. She is white with a well pointed nose. Nothing is known of her parents or any family relations. Erica Cox is single and from her records has no child. We have no information on where she is currently.

Erica Cox prefers the terror as the movie genre she loves to act. She has managed to become good in that genre and has gotten many roles for that specialty.

Genres TerrorFantastic are preferred by Erica Cox when it comes to choosing the films in which she wants to act. After years of experience he has managed to specialize in those genres and get many roles because of that.

After appearing in her first TV show, The Business in 2006, she got the chance to feature in another movie in 2007 called The Vampire. The movie was a drama based on a song by Bob and Daniel Lanois. That same year, Erica got featured in an American sex comedy movie released by Universal Pictures called American Pie Presents : Beta House in which she played the role of a character called Candy. She also played the role of a party goer in a short movie titled Dogboy: The Untold Story, that same year 2007.

Erica Cox in 2008, appeared in 2 episodes of a series titled Body Language, playing the role of a lady called Kate. She also appeared in Repo! The Generic Opera as Opera Audience number 2. In that same year 2008, she played the role of Danika in a horror movie titled Vampire Apocalypse. She co-starred with actor Jason Mewes in a low-budget black comedy vampire movie titled Bitten.

In 2009, Erica appeared in two TV series, Hotbox and Howie Do It. In Hotbox, she played the role of Masseuse and appeared in Episode 1.3. In Howie Do It, she appeared in six episodes.

Erica Cox, appeared in an episode titled, Age Before Beauty, in a TV series titled Warehouse 13, in the year 2010 in which she played the role of a character called Isabella Fuentes. In the same year 2010, she played another role in a TV series called Wingin It, playing the role of a model.

She appeared in only one TV show in 2011 by appearing in a series called The Listener as a CSIS agent.

Erica Cox had an appearance in an episode of popular TV show, Suits, in 2012. She played the role of a character called Camen Varges. In that same year 2012, she played the role of Lead Witch in a movie titled Witchslayer Greti.

Erica Cox last movie out on the market is a 2016 series titled Killjoys. In this series she played the role of San-Bots 3 and appeared in only one episode, which was titled I Love Lucy in the second season of the TV series. She has not been seen in any other TV show since her last movie in 2016.

According to, Erica Cox have worked with great directors from whom she has learnt a lot and also learnt how to adapt to the role she is given by any director she works with. They named Mario Azzopardi as one of the directors she has worked and learnt from.

There is no record of Erica Cox net worth or current salary on the internet, but from her appearances in quite a number of movies around, we at can say she has made a fortune for herself.

Erica Cox has no social media presence as our search on her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms proved futile.

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