Dylan Meyer is the fiancée of American actress and filmmaker, Kristen Stewart. Kristen Stewart, who was once the world highest paid females actress in 2012, is a 31 year old California born and raised actress. She started her acting career at age 12 by starring in a movie called Panic Room, where she played the role of the daughter of a character in that movie.

The movie won her the nomination for Young Artist Award. Kristen Stewart rose to fame in 2008, when she played the role of Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga. When the first Twilight movie was released, Kristen Stewart was 18 and she was 22 when the final and last Twilight was released in 2012.

Dylan Meyer, Kristen Stewart’s fiancée, was born on the 4th of December, 1990 .She was born in Los Angeles, California, where she currently lives with Kristen Stewart. She is an American film writer and producer who is popular for her writing works such as Loose Ends( a 2015 movie),XOXO ( a 2016 movie) and her latest project, Moxie a Netflix movie, released in March 2021.

Information from her IMBd page confirmed that Dylan Meyer is also an actress ,the information indicates that she held significant roles in movies like The Death and Return of Superman, a 2011 movie and other two 2015 movies titled Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling  and Jem Reacts to the New Jem and the Holograms Trailer.

Dylan’s lover, Kristen, was born to John Stewart and Jules Mann-Stewart and she also has three siblings named Cameron Stewart, Taylor Stewart and Dana Stewart. Little is known about Dylan Meyer, Kristen Stewart’s fiancée’s family, but we know she has a younger sister called Madeline Meyer. People sometimes ask, Is Dylan Meyer related to Stephanie Meyer? The answer is NO! In case you don’t know this Stephanie Meyer, she is an American writer best known for writing the Twilight series, which has sold over 100 million copies world wide.

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Dylan Meyer, Kristen Stewart’s fiancée, and Kristen Stewart first met in 2013 on a movie set. Though the two of them have lived in Los Angeles for a long time, their paths never crossed. Dylan Meyer and Kristen Stewart first meeting was a casual meeting. They reunited at a friends birthday party later in 2019, where their relationship started off from. During an interview on The Howard Stern Show in November 2019, Kristen Stewart recalled what Dylan Meyer’s first impression was when they met, ””Where have you been and why have I not known you?”. Kristen before dating Dylan, had dated her costar from Twilight, Robert Pattinson, Sara Dinkin and Stella Maxwell.

The relationship between Dylan Meyer and Kristen Stewart first came into the limelight, when a picture of the two kissing on the streets of New York went viral on the internet. This happened just a month after Kristen was seen in a picture, kissing her ex girlfriend, Stella Maxwell, a model in Italy. Kristen and Stella broke up in 2018.

Dylan Meyer, Kristen Stewart’s fiancée, made their relationship official on Instagram in October 2019, by posting a black and white picture of themselves kissing with the caption, “Find me under the covers hiding from the happiness police. 🖤,”. Kristen Stewart also confirmed their relationship in an interview with The Howard Stern Show. She even talked about how they were in love and her eagerness to propose to Dylan.

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In November 2019, Dylan Meyer, Kristen Stewart’s fiancée, finally proposed to her. On the The Howard Stern Show, Kristen Stewart told the host about her intention to propose to her fiancée, but the her fiancée who proposed eventually.

Kristen Stewart in another interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, early 2022, she talked about her kind of wedding with her fiancée, Dylan Meyer.

Kristen Stewart and her fiancée, Dylan were also seen together for the first time at a public event in March 2022. The couple were seen together at the Oscar party, a ceremony organized by The Hollywood Reporter. Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer also made their first red carpet appearance in the same month, March 2022, by appearing on the red carpet event of the 2022 Critics Choice Awards which was held on March 13. This was an event were Kristen was nominated for the Best Actress for playing the role of late Princess Diana in a movie titled Spencer.

Dylan Meyer’s net worth is not known, but that of her fiancée, Kristen Stewart is known. Kristen Stewart has a net worth of about $70 million, a net worth which makes her the richest actor to play the role of Princess Diana yet. Dylan makes her money from her movies production and writing, while her partner Kristen makes her money from her movie roles and other gigs.

Dylan Meyer is on Instagram with the username spillzdylz, but her partner Kristen Stewart doesn’t have an Instagram account and has stated the reason that, social media toyed with her as a child and made her feel insecure.

Dylan Meyer and Kristen Stewart are all talented individuals and are going to be the best couple.

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