Sickick is a masked DJ and music producer, who is popular known for his awesome EDM remixes of popular songs. He was known as Lomattic before he later changed his name to his current name, Sickick. He rose to fame by posting his own EDM version of popular music on his YouTube channel, which has a huge following of almost 4 million subscribers, with the name Sickick. Aside making remixes of other musicians songs, he is also a good vocalist, as he sometimes add his own lines to the already existing songs that he does the EDM remixes for.

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Sickick, real name, Lomus Rai Lomaticc Babber, is a 33 year old Canadian music producer. He was born in Toronto, Canada, on the 25th October, 1988. His zodiac sign is a Scorpio. The DJ/musician is also known to have roots from South Asia. Sickick is based in his home country, Canada, where he keeps doing amazing EDM remixes of popular songs. Little is know about him concerning his personal life and background. He is unmarried as at the time of this article. He is about 5 feet 10 inches tall, with a shoe size of 9.5(US).

Masked DJ is mostly seen with masks on, especially after he came back with his name name, Sickick, and rarely show his face. He has many different coloured hoodies and masks, which he is mostly seen in, in most of his videos, but there are many pictures of his real face all around the internet. Pictures from way back when he was a band member shows his face. Some publications claim he covers his face with a mask, as it helps him get over his fears but there is no proof to show this since it could be a branding strategy.

Sickick has been in the music industry for over 10 years now. He was once a lead singer in a musical band called Culture Shock with his former stage name, Lomaticc. The band, Culture Shock was a band that was formed by Baba Kahn, a Canadian DJ. The band was known for making Indo-Western music, a genre they made by fusing desi sounds and western songs. In 2014, the band went on a break with all the individual members going their separate ways. For sometime nothing was heard of him, until he resurfaced recently with his new name, Sickick, and has rose to fame within a short possible time.

Some of Sickick’s works is his mashup remix of Jamaica and world renowned musician, Sean Paul’s songs. This mashup has over 51 million views on YouTube. He also has a remix of Bruno Mars’ song, Talking to The Moon, and this also has over 27 million views on his YouTube channel. He has many EDM remixes of popular songs, which he shares on his Instagram, YouTube and his other social media platforms lie TikTok. Recently, his EDM remix of Bruno Mars song, Talking To The Moon, went viral on TikTok and Instagram as apart of a challenge called Face Symmetry Challenge. The song had over 70,000 reels to it on both social media platforms. It after the song went viral that he released the full video on his YouTube channel.

He also has a EDM remix of American songwriter and singer, Madonna’s song Frozen, a song which went viral and later caught Madonna attention. She even posted it on her YouTube channel. This remix later had Fireboy DML from Nigeria also hoping on to add a verse.

Sickick is very popular on social media with over 3,7 million YouTube subscribers, over 5 million followers on Instagram and over 6 million followers on TikTok. His Soundcloud account has over 200,000 followers with over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify. His followers on Twitter is not encouraging, considering his numbers on other platforms, he has just 22,500 followers on the platform.

Some of his personal songs are Say My Name, a song released in 2017, Infected, another song which was released in 2018.

Sickick, the masked DJ, is estimated to have a net worth of around 2 million dollars. Most his income is known to come from his music streams on platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube and other streaming platforms where his works are uploaded or shared. He also performs as a DJ at several events and also earn a lot of money as he is gifted and talented at what he does.

On his official website, sickickmusic, he also generate money. He has a merchandise store where he sells branded items, shipping to all parts of the world.

Sickick is currently on a Tour in the United States of America, which started on the 31st of Decmber 2021 and would end on the 16th of April 2022.

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